Raspberry Pi a.k.a. The $35 PC

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has promised to deliver $35, 1080p30 H.264 capable, ARM7 based Computer with Linux as it’s primary OS. At $35 it provides HDMI, 2xUSB, LAN, Composite video out, Audio Out, GPIO, serial and JTAG (of course much more infos are available on the product page). Assuming they manage to keep their promise, what would you do with one (or more) $35 Computer ?

I’m going to order at least two devices upon becoming available. One is to replace my Home Theater PC. The second one is for experiments. Since the Raspberry Foundation created the Pi with education in mind, I ‘ll try to setup an environment suitable for Greek schools. So a second, more targeted question arises: Teachers, what are your software requirements in order to replace your LAB PCs with Pis ? I ‘m assuming running “Γλώσσα” (a Greek programming environment)  is among the top of them, but I wonder what else… please leave your opinions on the comments…

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